For more time off-screen.

Phonehaus is a beautiful smart device that helps you be more present and productive.

A dedicated place for your phone.

Phonehaus provides a place just for your phone, making it natural to put it away. And it looks great in your room.

Creates distance

Phonehaus creates a healthy distance to your phone, preventing mindless phone grabs.

Wireless charging

Phonehaus can replace your current charger/cable as it wirelessly charges your phone.

Distractions: off

Phonehaus can magically activate your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode.

Downtime tracking

Phonehaus tracks your downtimes as soon as you put your phone inside.

Your friendly screen time companion is here.

With the Phonehaus companion app, you can set your downtime goals, start focus sessions, build a massive streak, see your progress over time, and more.

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